20 Essential Tools & Resources for Your Digital Toolkit

essential tools and resources
essential tools and resources

Hello, tech-savvy friends and those dipping their toes into the digital pool! Going through life in this modern age without technology is a grand feat, like trying to make a smoothie without a blender – possible, but unnecessarily hard. Technology is like that spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down, transforming various humdrum tasks into an effortless glide. So here’s a little peek into the treat that awaits: your very own tech toolkit of 20 must-have apps and essential tools and resources to streamline your everyday experience! Strap in, and let’s get techy!

Scheduling & Time Management

scheduling and time management

First up of the essential tools and resources, we have ‘scheduling and time management’ – the digital equivalent of a personal assistant, but without the fuss of managing human relations.

1. Calendly

Remember playing email ping-pong just to arrange a simple meeting? Those days are history with Calendly. It’s like having a polite yet assertive butler arrange your appointments, minus the expensive salary. Just sync your calendars, set your availability, and share your unique link – your contacts can book meetings without the never-ending stream of “Does Tuesday evening suit you” emails. Not too shabby!

Productivity & Focus

productivity and focus

If blaring sirens fail to keep you focused, fret not! Our digital overlords come to the rescue again with apps that help you focus and improve productivity.

2. Forest

Think of Forest as a friendly digital scarecrow, deterring you from the time-suck of social media. You plant a seed in the app when you want to focus, and it grows into a tree. Sounds pleasant, right? Now imagine killing that cute little tree by sneakily checking Twitter. Yup, Forest plays hardball with your productivity!

3. Stretchly

Sitting for long hours glued to your computer is no good for your health (not breaking any news there!). Stretchly is here to save the day with regular reminders to, well, stretch and take breaks. It’s like a mini personal trainer living right inside your system, encouraging you to keep your blood pumping and your focus sharp!

Security & Authentication

security and authentication

Our data is our digital treasure, and like any treasure, it needs to be well-guarded! Cue dramatic music Enter the stage, the Security & Authentication apps!

4. Microsoft Authenticator

In this age of digital piracy, Microsoft Authenticator is the modern-day equivalent of a combination lock. It helps protect your accounts by offering two-step verification, so even if your password is compromised, your account isn’t – like your friendly neighborhood superhero for cyberspace.

Another beauty of this is you can generate strong passwords and store them in the app. So if you need to log in, you can just go to the app and get the password. Plus it seamlessly integrates on Edge browser. So it means that if you have Edge on your phone and your computer then you don’t even need to open the app. Once you are in the browser login it will pop up for you to select it to input the username and password in the text boxes provided. In another article, we will talk more on why you must have strong passwords and different passwords for all your different platforms.

Reading & Learning

reading and learning

Next on our toolkit are apps for ‘Reading & Learning’, refining your mind grain by grain — or should we say byte by byte?

5. Scribd

Scribd is like an enormous digital library, home to millions of books, audiobooks, magazines, and even sheet music! Intriguing right? It’s like having the wisdom of the world tucked neatly inside your pocket. With Scribd, you can be jogging, driving, taking a stroll, or working and reading (listening) a book.

6. OpenLibrary.org

A project of the Internet Archive, OpenLibrary.org, is your global library with an aim to make every book ever published available online. It lends ebooks worldwide, making it an adventure to learn, often steering you to undiscovered nuggets of knowledge. So it’s not just an open library, but also a treasure trove.

7. Learn Anything

Are you on a perennial quest for learning? Then say hello to Learn Anything, an interactive mind map for learning literally anything! It’s like having a wise mentor guiding you towards essential resources, bypassing the noise, and unlocking paths to knowledge like a master key.

Graphic Design & Creativity

graphics design and creativity

For all creative souls out there, here are some digital brush strokes for your palette!

8. Canva

Unleash your inner graphic designer with Canva, without getting lost in complicated tools. It’s like having a digital art studio, stocked with images, fonts, templates, and tools to create ravishing designs. Canva makes everyone a creative wizard!

Privacy & Online Security

privacy and security

Worried about Email stalking or surfing untraced on the internet for a while? Let’s tackle this head-on with ‘Privacy & Online Security’ apps!

9. 10minuteemail.com

Like a cloak of invisibility, 10minuteemail.com allows you to avoid spam and retain your privacy online by providing a quick, disposable email address. Genius, isn’t it? No more distress signals from your inbox because of unwanted emails.

10. haveibeenpawned.com

The constant dread of data breaches can feel a lot like being chased by a phantom. With haveibeenpawned.com, stay a step ahead by checking if your email accounts have been compromised in a data breach. Think of it as your own personal bodyguard for your data.

Collaboration & Creativity

collaboration and creativity

Do you have a joint project or some brainstorming? Collaboration and creativity apps are just the co-conspirators you need!

11. Miro

It’s a digital whiteboard that lets you create, collaborate, and bring your ideas to life. Imagine an endless canvas where you and your team can let ideas flow together, untethered by distance. It’s like creating your very own Sistine Chapel ceiling, only virtually!

Document Editing & Enhancement

document editing and enhancement

Have some documents to edit or beautify? We’ve got a power drill named ‘Document Editing & Enhancement’ apps!

12. Edit.photo

Quickly enhance your photos, customize designs, and deploy professional-grade editing with Edit.photo. It’s like having your mini Photoshop studio, turning dull images into artful masterpieces.

13. ilovepdf.com

Love might not be a word you’d associate with PDFs, but ‘ilovepdf.com‘ might just convert you. Merge, split, compress, and convert PDFs – a digital Swiss army knife for all your PDF needs. Say goodbye to PDF panic!

Business & Finance


Next on our stop is ‘Business & Finance’ – dress into those virtual suits, folks!

14. Invoice Bee

Creating professional-looking invoices is no longer a Herculean task. With Invoice Bee, creating, sending, and managing invoices and quotes becomes a cakewalk – like having your own billing department in your pocket.

Music & Entertainment

music and entertainment

Time to turn up the tempo with ‘Music & Entertainment’ apps!

15. Shazam

Ever had a song stuck in your head and you don’t remember any words, just the melody? Shazam to the rescue! It’s like having a musically inclined friend at hand who can tell you the name of any song you hum in seconds.

Automation & Integration


Here are apps that can glue your digital life together.

16. IFTTT (If This Then That)

It connects all your apps and makes them work together. Imagine a digital fairytale, where the prince (IFTTT) magically makes everything in the kingdom (your apps) live in harmony.

Focus & Relaxation

focus and relaxation

After all that hard work, it’s time for some relaxation with ‘Focus & Relaxation’ apps.

17. Brain.fm

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill music app. Music created by Brain.fm is designed to improve focus, relaxation, and sleep – like a lullaby penned by scientists.

Writing & Note-Taking

note taking

And for the finale of the essential tools and resources, let’s usher in the ‘Writing & Note-Taking’ apps!

18. Medium

Have stories to tell or knowledge to share? Medium is the digital platform that allows you to reach a global audience. It’s like standing on a digital mountain, your voice amplified to reach the farthest corners.

19. Evernote

Turn your thoughts, ideas, and notes into an organized collection with Evernote. It’s like having a second, more organized brain that never forgets anything — if only it could remember where you left your keys!

Project Management & Collaboration

project management

Managing tasks and facilitating teamwork have never been easier with the following tool!

20. Asana

It’s like a virtual team huddle point where you can assign tasks, track progress, and ensure everyone is rowing to the same rhythm. Asana makes teamwork a beautiful symphony.

Recap and Final Thoughts

Managing your life in this ever-changing digital landscape might seem like rocket science. But with a wingman like this toolkit that contains essential tools and resources, consider your life turbocharged to the max. ‘Technology’ isn’t just a buzzword, it’s an enabler that helps make everyday tasks a piece of cake. So, why not dig in?


What are must-have tech tools for everyday tasks?

A sprinkle of Calendly for scheduling, a dash of Asana for project management, a touch of Scribd for learning – voila! You got your everyday tasks sorted!

How do these technology tools benefit my daily routines?

Think of these tools as a ‘life-hack’- making dull tasks entertaining and difficult tasks easy. It’s like having digital superpowers!

Are these tech tools user-friendly for those not tech-savvy?

Absolutely. Most of them are simpler than making toast! They all come with easy-to-understand setup instructions and help guides.

How can I ensure my data is secure while using these tools?

The proverb ‘Caution is the parent of safety’ is apt here. As long as you practice smart internet safety habits, such as regularly updating your passwords and not sharing sensitive information, your data should be safe.

Can I use these tools across multiple devices?

Think of them like your beloved pet – they’ll follow you everywhere, from your smartphone to your laptop!

This article is like a cocktail of essential tools and resources guaranteed to jazz up your life. You might not use all of them, but knowing they exist is a game-changer. Let’s infuse our lives with technology, not drown in it! After all, digital literacy isn’t about knowing all the tools; it’s about knowing which one to use and when. So cook up a storm in your digital kitchen with these tools! So whether you are in Tech or not or transitioning to tech you can enjoy these tools. Happy tech-ing!

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